About Us

Farr Financial's success can be attributed to the quality of our customer service and the ease of use and speed of our on-line order entry system. Farr Financial is a member of the National Futures Association and is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Revolutionizing the Futures Industry

Farr Financial's proprietary on-line trading system gives you direct access to the markets. Our exclusive Firetip order entry system lets you watch the markets in real-time (quotes, bids, and offers update right before your eyes) and enables you to trade at the click of a mouse. Orders can be placed with one click of your mouse. Electronic orders can be submited, filled, and confirmed to you on your screen in sub-second execution time.

Farr Financial has built its reputation on the quality of its trading platform and its tradition of offering deeply discounted commission rates.

Farr Online Features

With Farr Financial's Farr Online system you can:

  • Place all order types (futures, options, futures spread, option spreads).
  • Get real-time account information. At Farr, you get real-time account information - your current positions, profit losses, account balances, and real-time margins
  • Farr Online is a full featured trading website. It incorporates 4 order entry screens and also includes the Firetip order entry system (which is an independent Java based trading platform). You can pick and choose which entry screen or trading platform best suits your experience and style.
  • Farr Financial gives you up-to-the-second access to real-time market information with thousands of market updates, news articles, and economic headlines available to you every trading day. You will have access to market moving economic numbers, commentary from traders in the trading pits, and research from respected analysts the split second they are released.

Firetip Order Entry Trading Platform

When you place your orders electronically through our revolutionary on-line order entry system, you can route your orders directly to the exchanges and the trading pits. This means for electronic markets (E-Mini S&P, NASDAQ, Treasury Bonds, Japanese Yen, and many other markets) you can send your order, fill it, and confirm execution virtually instantaneously.

Farr Financial's team based in Silicon Valley has put together what we feel to be the best trading platform in the industry. This platform was built by traders for traders. It has the active trader in mind. It has been tested in a market making environment -- it is built to let you potentially place thousands of orders a day quickly and effortlessly and without making a single trade error. Of course, even if you don't place many orders in a trading session, you will still enjoy the ease, speed, and overall efficiency and quality of the Firetip Order Entry System. Check out our on-line demo for snapshots of the platform. Or if you want to get a first hand feel, contact one of our representatives and we can set you up with a real live demonstration.

New to Trading? Want to Avoid Common Pitfalls?

For traders who want assistance, but wish to make all final decisions, Farr Financial offers the full service brokerage account. As a client under the full service program, you work one-on-one with a professional Farr Financial broker who will provide you with the trading ideas, research, and the assistance you need to help you with your trading.

Managed Accounts

For inexperienced traders or for traders who wish to invest in futures and options but do not have the time or desire to follow the markets, Farr Financial offers brokers to help professionally manage your account. A broker assisted account is an account in which a Series 3 registered representative helps you to make trading decisions.

Opening Your Trading Account Today

It is very simple to open a trading account with Farr Financial. You can open your account online today. As soon as you fund the account, you are ready to trade. To get started, click here or contact one of our representatives at 1-800-543-5955. Please feel free to contact a Farr Financial representative if you have any questions on opening your trading account. We are available 24 hours a day, every trading day. You can even open your account late at night. Pick up the phone and call or you can choose to conveniently contact us by e-mail at sales@farrfinancial.com.

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